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Hammerstone Advantage

Hammerstone limestone aggregates have superior structural strength and performance than regional gravel, resulting in increased productivity and sustainability for Alberta oil sands operations.

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The rough, angular edges of 100% crushed material creates an interlocking framework resulting in roads or pads with increased structural strength unmatched by regional gravel.

  • Optimum Gradation - All our products are made from crushed limestone rock, resulting in optimal distribution of particle size, from largest to smallest for maximum performance.

  • Sheds Water - Precise gradation allows for tight compaction and high density, creating a surface that sheds water to protect lower layers.

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Crushed limestone produces roads that resist rutting and deformation resulting in equipment running more efficiently, roads requiring less maintenance, and thinner road profiles due to superior structural strength.

  • Improve Truck Cycle Times  - Smooth, flat and strong road surfaces allow for more efficient and safe trucking cycle times, resulting in significantly increased productivity for mining operations.

  • Improve Fuel Economy - The smooth running surface of limestone haul roads have less rolling resistance by up to 40% which will significantly reduce fuel consumption.

  • Improve Haul Truck Tire Life - The smooth running surface and non-abrasive nature of limestone road profile structures can extend haul truck tire life by 37%.

  • Thinner Road Profiles - The structural strength of limestone enables road profile designs to be 30% thinner and therefore requiring less material and lower construction costs. 

  • Roads Built to Last - The structural integrity of limestone roads require substantially less maintenance than gravel roads as there is minimal degradation of the profile structure.

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Build better and smarter roads with limestone aggregates to reduce impacts on the environment.

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Roads built with Hammerstone aggregates result in haul truck greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 40%.

  • Reduce Environmental Footprint - Roads can be designed and constructed to be 30% thinner than gravel roads, requiring less material for the project as a whole. 

  • Locally Sourced - The Hammerstone Quarry is central to all major oil sands mines resulting in reduced material delivery distances, less trucks on roads, and minimizes long haul material sourcing.

  • Minimize Silica Dust Exposure - Hammerstone limestone products have trace amounts of silica which minimizes environmental and human exposure to airborne silica on haul roads, pads, and infrastructure sites.  

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Supply and Service

With over 750 Mt of limestone aggregate located centrally to development of the mineable oil sands area, we are dedicated to offer the best customer service and show best practices in safety, environment, and quality processes.

  • Longevity of Supply - Hammerstone Quarry will provide a sustainable source of quality aggregates for next 50 years and can meet the needs of all the oil sands projects in the Athabasca region.

  • High Production Capacity - Quarry operations can scale to very high production volumes as per customer requirements.  Capacity to produce over 10 Mt per year.

  • Always Open - Hammerstone Quarry is open seven days a week and throughout the year. 

  • Dedicated Scaling - Efficient aggregate loading scheduling and scales to handle high truck volumes and minimize delays.

  • Professional Aggregate Carriers - Raising the bar on truck carrier performance.  Partnering with quality carrier to meet the highest industry standards in safety and reliability.

  • QAQC Oversight - In-house quality control with dedicated product quality professionals available for ensure consistent and high quality of products and services.