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Hammerstone's rock products are manufactured for maximum performance.  The rough, angular edges on each rock create an interlocking framework when compacted resulting in roads and pads with a structural strength vastly superior to gravel  that has traditionally been used in the region.

  • 100% Crushed - All of our rock products are made from crushed limestone for maximum strength.
  • Well Distributed Particle Size - Proper distribution of particle size, from largest to smallest within any specification, is critical to performance.
  • Quality Ensured - Regular internal testing at our onsite QA/QC laboratory ensures consistent quality of our products.


Tire Finning Yard smal

Road Crush

Road Crush is commonly used for constructing infrastructure pads, well pads, service roads, highways, and mine haul roads. Hammerstone's Road Crush is 100% crushed limestone that produces a road structure with superior strength to minimize potholes, ruts, and wash boarding.

  • Available from 25mm to 300mm sizes
  • 100% crushed limestone
  • Precisely graded distribution of rock grains for optimum performance
  • Meets Alberta Transportation specifications

Surface Crush

Surface material for roads and pads, as well as topping for site grading. 80 mm (6806) base crush is ideal for mine haul road surfacing. Products made to meet Alberta Transportation specifications.

Max Particle Size


25 mm 6254
40 mm 6404

Base Crush

Base material for roads, pads, and site grading. 125 mm is ideal for haul road bases. Products made to meet Alberta Transportation specifications.

Max  Particle Size


25 mm 6225
40 mm 6402
80 mm 6806
125 mm 6125

Select Sub-Base ROM

Economical and easily placed sub-base material and fill for roads, haul roads, pads, and back fill. *Maximum size typically less than 300 mm but will contain some oversize.

Max Particle Size


300 mm 5020
4020 screened 22 small


Screened or washed stone is used for filtering, walkway surfacing, and landscaping.

  • 100% crushed limestone
  • Very low fines content

Screened Stone

Low fines and fines-free materials. Ideal for drainage, filtering, and walkway surfacing applications.

Particle Size Range


25 x 5 mm 4258
40 x 20 mm 4400

HammerTracXL (Traction Stone)

Low fines and fine-free materials. Specifically manufactured to aid traction for heavy haul trucks on oil sands mining roads.

Particle Size Range


40 x 10 mm 4510

Washed Stone

Low fines and fines-free materials. Ideal for drainage, filtering, and walkway surfacing application

Particle Size Range


20 x 5 mm 2200
40 x 20 mm 2400
Quarry 091.IIQ.p

Large Stone

Increasingly hard to find in the region, large stone products like rip rap are used primarily for landscaping and slope stabilization and landscaping. With 100% crushed faces, Hammerstone's large stone products provide extra strength for applications such as bank stabilization.

  • Available in any size
    • Gabion
    • Rip Rap
  • Easily stacked
  • Aesthetically appealing colour


Our gabion rock is easily stackable and ideal for various landscaping and stabilization applications.

Size Range


100 - 150 mm 1203

Rip Rap

The large rip rap products are easily stackable ideal for landscaping and a wide range of stabilization applications which require the maximum strength of large interlocking rocks..

Size Range


125 - 300 mm 1300
200 - 450 mm 1301
300 - 800 mm 1302
500 - 1100 mm 1303
Manufactured Sand Web

Manufactured Fines & Sand

We have manufactured fines and sand ideally suited for common fill, to pond liner, and top dressing for icy roads.

  • Well-graded, 10mm minus material
  • 100% crushed limestone; alluvial sand also available
  • Winter road grit for high traction

Compactable Fill

Economical fill material with easy placement and very good compaction characteristics.

Max Particle Size


10 mm 3110

Impermeable Liner

Unique material created for use as a pond liner. Permeability measured as low as 3x10-8 cm/s.

Max Particle Size


10 mm 5111

HammerTrac Winter Traction Aid (Stone Chips)

10mm minus fine limestone processed for top dressing over icy roads. The 100% fractured faces provide excellent grip, high friction, and improved skid resistance/stopping ability.

Max Particle Size


10 mm 3102

Bedding Sand

Clean and well sorted alluvial sand that is rounded and relatively smooth - ideal for backfilling pipes or cables.

Max Particle Size


10 mm 3107